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Attensa is built for teams. To allow you to get the most out of our collaborative features, we’re offering a discount. When you pay for 4 team members (monthly or yearly) get the 5th for free!

Attensa’s solutions scale from 1 user to 100,000, and we’ve worked with many enterprise clients to bring their information flow to the next level. Contact us for information on pricing and.

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From small teams to enterprise organizations, Attensa helps everyone stay ahead of the curve.

Competitive Insights

What new features are your competitors releasing? What new deals or new markets are they entering? Attensa ensures you’ll never get caught off guard, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Scientific Research

Research related content flows at an unprecedented rate from the highest quality sources.  Attensa enables you and your team to focus on the most recent developments regardless of where they appear.  That's why leading research organizations rely on Attensa.

Content Marketing

What are the topics getting attention with your target audience?  Need ideas for content creation? What are your competitors doing?  Need to keep track of influencers and what they are saying? Use Attensa to keep ahead of the flow. Set the trend, don’t just follow it.

Team Insights

Equip your teams with highly relevant information about their projects, areas of research, and innovation so they can focus on what matters.  With Attensa, teams stay on the same page and avoid redundant information gathering.


What news is impacting your customers and their markets? What messages are your competitors using?  How are your customers talking about themselves? With Attensa, you’ll always know, allowing you to focus your conversations.  

Market Intelligence

Gain immediate awareness of the products, people and trends being discussed in your market. Strengthen your competitive and decision-making edge with streamlined updates.