Information Is Abundant,
Your Attention is Not

Avoid wasting time. Attensa delivers the news and updates that you and your team need. In one place, organized by topic, and available where ever you go.

Let Attensa Do The Work

All The information you need, delivered by topics you create

Attensa delivers information in the context of topics that are relevant to your unique interests and needs, those of your team, or entire organization. Create topics for competitive intel, market awareness, marketing, or whatever matters to you. Choose source feeds, filters, and leverage Attensa’s AI to craft topics in minutes that will save you hours every week.

Attensa Learns From you, delivering increasingly relevant Briefs

Based on the information you pay attention to Attensa recommends and personalizes the information it delivers to you. It’s like having a personal information concierge that helps you cut through the noise so you can focus on the information that matters to you.  

information Delivered where you get work done

With a range of options to choose from, you can receive and deliver updates based on the locations, format, and schedule that is best for you and your team. Get live updates on your desktop and mobile device, personalized email briefings that are automatically generated, or display topic updates directly in your workstream applications like Slack.  

Work Smarter, together, with shared insights for your team

Attensa topics are the ideal way to share insights and keep your team up-to-date.  From a shared catalog, follow the topics that interest you and invite others to join. The benefits compound as time is saved, insights are shared, the collective interactions help keep everyone focussed on important items.  

High-quality, timely information is a competitive edge.

From small teams to enterprise organizations, Attensa helps everyone stay ahead of the curve.

Competitive Insights

What new features are your competitors releasing? What new deals or new markets are they entering? Attensa ensures you’ll never get caught off guard, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Scientific Research

Research related content flows at an unprecedented rate from the highest quality sources.  Attensa enables you and your team to focus on the most recent developments regardless of where they appear.  That's why leading research organizations rely on Attensa.

Content Marketing

What are the topics getting attention with your target audience?  Need ideas for content creation? What are your competitors doing?  Need to keep track of influencers and what they are saying? Use Attensa to keep ahead of the flow. Set the trend, don’t just follow it.

Team Insights

Equip your teams with highly relevant information about their projects, areas of research, and innovation so they can focus on what matters.  With Attensa, teams stay on the same page and avoid redundant information gathering.


What news is impacting your customers and their markets? What messages are your competitors using?  How are your customers talking about themselves? With Attensa, you’ll always know, allowing you to focus your conversations.  

Market Intelligence

Gain immediate awareness of the products, people and trends being discussed in your market. Strengthen your competitive and decision-making edge with streamlined updates.

What our customers say

“The ability to mix, mash and redirect content is a fundamental building block of any knowledge system.  The paradox is that the more content there is, the harder it is to know what is really going on. People find the information curated with Attensa to be incredibly useful because the stories they see are highly relevant to them.”

Richard Chaplin, Founder & CEO of Managing Partners Forum

“Keeping track of developments impacting our start-up was a painful process of sifting through news sites, blogs and other peoples topics for what I care about. Attensa has been a game changer because I can easily define topics the way I want them and then share them with my team. The quality and time savings are unbelievable.”

Ron Sheridan, Founder of Kickstart Ventures

“The most valuable outcome of using Attensa has been the ability to monitor a high number of sources in a very efficient way. Attensa helps remove the manual effort from daily information gathering. By using. Attensa to aggregate and filter down to just the relevant information we’re after, from the sources we need to monitor, we’ve measurably increased the efficiency of our information processing

The Kroc Institute for International Peace. Studies at the University of Notre Dame. 

"What Attensa does for us is very simple and powerful - it provides a new daily digest of relevant information straight to your inbox, every-single-day. Combined with our ability to dial in the topics we need that is hugely valuable."

Marketing Executive, Technology Manufacturer

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