Keeping your team informed shouldn’t be so hard

Extracting what’s relevant from the daily flow of digital information can be a time consuming task. Manual and homegrown methods simply don’t scale. Yet, staying informed is a critical task that shapes our perspectives and is often crucial to the work we do.

Our mission at Attensa is to help people stay informed on the stories, news and information that matters to their work.

To provide intelligent, cloud-based services and applications that filter and refine seas of information into focused streams of relevant content.

We develop purpose-built tools and applications that help communication, content and information professionals connect people to relevant information. And in turn, increase productivity, accelerate insights and deepen customer relationships.

The Team

Charlie Davidson

Portland, OR

Hans Witt

Hamburg, Germany

Blake Beisecker

Eugene, OR

Aaron Bean

Portland, OR

Phil Craven

Narragansett, RI

Noel Torres

Kauai, HI

Ron Sheridan

Portland, OR

John Connor

Portland, OR