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Attensa collects and filters the high-quality content you and your team need, and delivers it automatically.

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Less searching, more knowing

Attensa aggregates all the news and articles you need, organizes them by topic and ranks them by relevance, so your team can focus on the information that matters.

The quality and time savings are unbelievable.”

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“We’ve measurably increased the efficiency of our information processing”

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People find the information curated with Attensa to be incredibly useful because the stories they see are highly relevant to them.”

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Modern Teams Need To Stay Updated
What’s your Strategy?

The old way

  • Browsing websites
  • Reading piles of newsletters
  • Dealing with internet distractions
  • Wasting hours with irrelevent content

Even if you do your best, you’re still likely to miss important information that your business needs.

The new way

  • Automatically deliver the right updates to the right people
  • Recommendations powered by user data
  • Everyone having the information they need to do their best work

This is Automated Awareness, saving everyone’s time and attention.

Core Features

The new way to stay informed.


While most platforms require you to dig through endless articles, Attensa organizes your updates by topic. You can fully customize your topics and control the sources it pulls from. Get all of your content in one place.


With the endless flow of content, how do you find what’s relevant to you? Attensa personalizes and ranks your article suggestions based on what you read and like, reducing distractions.


Attensa connects your team to the right content. Create topics just for you, your team, or your entire company! In a shared catalog, follow the topics relevant to your work and invite others to join and collaborate.

Slack Integration

Get your topical updates right in the relevant slack channels, making conversations easy.

Email Briefing

Get all your updates delivered in a single email, easy to review on the go, delivered when you want.

Unlimited Sources

Choose from our thousands of high quality curated content sources, or add your own.

Uses for every team member

From small teams to enterprise organizations, Attensa helps everyone achieve their goals.

Competitive Insights

What new features are your competitors releasing? What new deals are they offering to capture your market? Attensa ensures you’ll never get caught off guard again, keeping you ahead of the competition.

Scientific Research

Research related content flows at an unprecedented rate from an increasing number of sources.  Attensa enables you and your team to focus on the most recent developments regardless of where they appear.  That's why leading research organizations rely on Attensa.

Content Marketing

What are the topics getting attention with your target audience?  Need ideas for content creation? What are your competitors doing?  Need to keep track of influencers and what they are saying? Use Attensa to keep you content sharing sharp and set the trend, don’t just follow it.

Team Insights

Arm your teams with highly relevant information about their project, areas of research, and innovation so they can stay focus on what matters and the work that needs to be done.  With Attensa teams stay on the same page and avoid redundant information gathering.


What news is impacting your customers and their markets?  What signals trigger leads and buying? What are your competitors communicating?  How are your customers talking about themselves? With Attensa, you’ll always know, allowing you to close more deals.  

Market Intelligence

Gain immediate awareness of the products, people and trends being discussed in your market. Strengthen your competitive and decision making edge with streamlined updates.

Getting Started with Attensa is super simple

Automate your teams awareness in minutes.

1. Add keywords to create your topic.

2. Get exactly what you need by refining your topic.

3. See your topic updates organized in your workspace, or in an email.

Read your updates via your Attensa site, email, or slack!

4. Read articles in a streamlined view that removes all the clutter.

5. Invite your teammates to collaborate and keep updated too!

Our users love us

Attensa automates awareness for world-class organizations.

“The ability to mix, mash and redirect content is a fundamental building block of any knowledge system.  The paradox is that the more content there is, the harder it is to know what is really going on. People find the information curated with Attensa to be incredibly useful because the stories they see are highly relevant to them.”

Richard Chaplin, Founder & CEO of Managing Partners Forum

“Keeping track of developments impacting our start-up was a painful process of sifting through news sites, blogs and other peoples topics for what I care about. Attensa has been a game changer because I can easily define topics the way I want them and then share them with my team. The quality and time savings are unbelievable.”

Ron Sheridan, Founder of Kickstart Ventures

“The most valuable outcome of using Attensa has been the ability to monitor a high number of sources in a very efficient way. Attensa helps remove the manual effort from daily information gathering. By using. Attensa to aggregate and filter down to just the relevant information we’re after, from the sources we need to monitor, we’ve measurably increased the efficiency of our information processing

The Kroc Institute for International Peace. Studies at the University of Notre Dame. 

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