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Deliver intelligent briefings on any topic.

Attensa is a cloud-based content service that continuously aggregates, learns and delivers what is most relevant to your audience.

The magic of Attensa is Topics.

Topic creation, management, distribution, collaboration and analytics.

Topics are created from collections of trusted content sources. Powerful filters apply natural language processing, machine learning and semantic tagging to analyze, refine and recommend content based on relevance scores.

Attensa gives you powerful source aggregation, topic definition, briefing development and content distribution tools that offer a more efficient and effective way to curate and share highly relevant information with your audience.


Here’s How Attensa Works

Define your topics

Get started using Attensa in a few easy steps.

Start with keywords and phrases that define the areas of interest for your audience. Attensa will automatically begin to recommend content sources that fit your topic criteria.

Increase precision with advanced boolean logic.

Specify exactly the content and sources you need to create the most relevant briefings.

Create finely tuned briefings

Monitor content from thousands of diverse sources; global news feeds, premium content databases, and more. Use powerful filtering capabilities to design highly refined, personalized topic briefings and content alerts.


Deliver briefings in flexible formats

Topic briefings can be delivered via email newsletter, mobile reading application, or into business and collaboration applications such as Slack, SharePoint, CRM or other systems where your audience is working.

Automatically surface related content

A continuous learning engine operating behind the scenes recommends related content. This helps people discover more relevant content that they may have never found through manual searching alone.

Track & measure engagement

Attention analytics give you visibility into what your audience is engaging with, and provide you the insights to optimize your briefings.

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