Attensa Customer Story

Pharmaceutical R&D
Global Healthcare Company

Current Awareness & Information Innovation Gives Leader in Pharmaceutical R&D a Competitive Advantage


Market intelligence is of paramount importance for life sciences companies. The industry is constantly evolving with M&As, new products hitting the market and the revolutionary changes through new regulations including the ACA.

New data capture and mining initiatives to improve intelligence on customer, competition, products, compensation and reimbursements are critical for Life Sciences CIOs.

Attensa is the foundation for innovative information management and current awareness strategies & processes for a pharmaceutical global leader.



More than 4000 content sources including research journals, industry news, regulatory actions, patents, internal portals and social media trapped in silos.


Time consuming manual processes required to support current awareness deliverables.


No single place for people to find the information their roles depend on to succeed.


Inability to search across information sources and content.


Information professionals lack visibility and ROI metrics on how expensive premium content is being consumed.


No way to share employee knowledge and insights.

Results Delivered by Attensa

Productivity Gains Across the Network – Faster Decisions Through Shared Insights

  • Information sources and content are organized and distributed in alignment with business objectives.
  • A single source of content facilitates discovery and repurposing of relevant sources and topics.
  • Innovation and knowledge sharing is accelerated through Attensa’s integrated collaboration tools.
  • Relevant information filtered by meaningful topics is distributed quickly.
  • Information managers are able to connect domain experts and their colleagues with critical information and market intelligence using a single platform with a consistent user experience.

Competitive Advantage

  • Breaking down information silos and connecting expertise with timely intelligence creates a meaningful competitive advantage.
  • Users are updated automatically enabling agile adjustments to projects based on the latest intelligence.

Cost Savings & Optimized Budgeting

  • Metrics on information consumption measure the value of subscription content sources  so they can be objectively evaluated for ROI.

How Attensa Streamlines Current Awareness

Attensa seamlessly connects people with the critical intelligence and information they need in the context of their projects, roles and responsibilities. The result is significantly faster knowledge distribution and decision making. For information managers, Attensa makes it easy to align information sources and content with business objectives.


Attensa was selected as the foundation for their next generation information and current awareness solution.

User Adoption

Having seeded the research organization with a few thousand alert recipients, new users are able to join Attensa using their standard company credentials verified by a single sign-on integration.


Information managers are able to leverage the unified nature of the Attensa platform to view reports describing what content is being utilized, by whom and in what form.  Previously not available, these reports are used to measure the effectiveness of information strategies and resource planning.

Aggregation - Bringing It All Together

Thousands of sources are aggregated, normalized and available to manage through Attensa.  Initial sources include journal abstracts, scientific news, regulatory activity, publisher alerts, patent activity, clinical trials and selected social media. New sources are added as desired.

Creating and Managing Alerts

Within Attensa sources are combined and filtered to create alerts. Unlike creating the alerts in separate publishing systems alerts created on Attensa can be based on collections of sources that transcending any single system and managed through a single interface. This makes the process of creating and maintaining alerts significantly simpler compared to managing them across the original sources.  Time savings of 50% have been reported compared to prior processes.

Alerts Distribution

Matching their previous approach, alerts are distributed as email briefings. However, with Attensa multiple sources can be easily incorporated into a single alert.  With Attensa the same alerts are also available via the Attensa web application.  From the web application employees gain new capabilities to find and personally subscribe to additional information products as well as tap into the knowledge and insight of other employees.


With Attensa, productivity gains spread across the entire network. Immediately, administrators connected their domain experts and their audience with knowledge and current awareness that fits their needs on a single platform.

Their organization gained not only an increase in productivity (up to 50%) but by connecting shared knowledge with expertise within the company and breaking down the information silos—they have gained a huge competitive advantage.

At the same time, they now know how information is used throughout the organization and have replaced the brittle, hard-to-enhance internal systems that are costly to operate and maintain.



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