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The Managing Partners’ Forum

Helping customers clarify & shape their strategy

There’s a sincere value exchange in being the trusted source for your audience; for competitive intelligence, strategic insight and relevant news.


Leaders of professional services firms (law, accountancy, consultancy etc) are confronted by continuously changing business environments, disruption from technology and new business models. How do the leaders of this vital sector shape their business strategy to win?

The Managing Partners’ Forum (MPF) is a London-based professional body that seeks to help its members be the best they can. It is also recognised as the independent voice of the UK’s largest and arguably most successful sector – professional & business services.


“You can’t do strategy without analysis.”
– Richard Chaplin, MPF Founder & Chief Executive

Management teams, many hired from other professions, know that strategy matters. The challenge is being bombarded by marketing collateral rather than the insightful information needed to shape their business strategy.

“If you’re on the Board of a professional organization, or any company for that matter, particularly if you’re in a sector where there are no analysts, where do you find the stories that will clarify and shape your strategy and those of sector firms?”
– Richard Chaplin, MPF Founder & Chief Executive

The MPF saw an opportunity to bring knowledge to its members, provide them with intelligence and insight to understand key trends impacting the sector, and to find out what their competitors are up to, thereby leading to better business decisions.

Why Attensa?

“At the end of the day the ability to mix, mash and reallocate content is an absolutely fundamental building block of any knowledge system. The paradox is that the more data that’s available, the harder it is to know what’s really going on.”

– Richard Chaplin, MPF Founder & Chief Executive

The MPF realized early on that being able to curate content relevant to business strategy is increasingly critical in knowledge-based organizations, and Attensa gave them a unique ability to service this need.

Every day the MPF uses Attensa to efficiently filter over a thousand stories into the single digit percentage that matter. Organized around 22 topic and sector channels, members subscribe to a personalised email briefing at a frequency and time that works for them.

“I go through around 1,200 stories daily which takes me less than 30 minutes.”

– Richard Chaplin, MPF Founder & Chief Executive

The net effect is Forum members get briefed on topics they care about with information that is highly relevant. The MPF is able to provide this valuable service in a fraction of the time it would take members to identify stories of equal value from the 100,000+ information sources that are currently being monitored by the MPF.

“People are finding the information curated through Attensa to be incredibly useful because the stories they receive are highly relevant to them.”

– Richard Chaplin, MPF Founder & Chief Executive

In addition to delivering personalised email briefings, the MPF is also making the stories more widely available through pulling over 20 feeds from Attensa into its management library, campaign hub and website. The outcome is a relevant dynamic news feed across every channel.

More about The Managing Partners’ Forum

The MPF recognises that busy management teams at professional firms do not always have sufficient tools or time to redesign their firms. That is where the Forum can be such a valuable partner. However you and your firm engage with us, our member services create value by helping firm-wide, client-facing and operational leaders, your teams and firms be the best you can at improving performance, increasing profitability and preparing for an increasingly uncertain future. By providing a seamless platform with relevant ideas and a forum to share issues and solutions, our members increase their knowledge and broaden their options through learning how others with different perspectives are tackling the multiple challenges that we all face.