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Ethics & Compliance Initiative

Curated intelligence adds value to the member experience

Providing timely and relevant information is a key ingredient to building relationships of lasting value. The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) uses Attensa to engage members, build their audience and stay top of mind with busy global ethics and compliance executives.


ECI supports a global community of ethics and compliance leaders. As the nation’s oldest and most esteemed business ethics research firm, ECI has a track record of providing high quality, transformative information, benchmarking and research. The organization helps its members tackle larger, often tricky strategic issues such as nurturing the development of an ethical culture across a global organization. ECI’s 2016 Principles and Practices of High Quality Ethics & Compliance Programs is used by both organizations and regulators to evaluate program effectiveness.


As a recognized expert in the field of ethics and compliance since 1922, ECI wanted to expand upon its heritage of being a trusted source of information and insight.

“First and foremost, we are membership organization. I want to ensure we’re keeping our members up to speed on the issues and topics that are important to them.”
– David Childers, SVP, ECI

This meant helping members keep up to date on the rapidly growing daily stream of news, data and developments relevant to issues of ethics and compliance.

Why Attensa?

ECI members are busy leaders and don’t have time to look through hundreds of different blogs and new sources every day. So, they rely on and appreciate that ECI is curating content for them.

“Attensa helps us assemble, review and curate hundreds of articles. We post 10-12 articles daily. Our goal is keeping our audience informed on the things that can create havoc. We look for incidents they don’t know about yet, ways to improve their programs, and changes in regulatory enforcement.”
– David Childers, SVP, ECI

Instead of skimming a limited number of sources, with Attensa ECI is able to monitor hundreds of trusted sources and leverage technology to efficiently scan thousands of conversations on a variety of ethics and compliance topics.

Automated aggregation, curation and filtering make it easy to extract content from hundreds of information sources into a single daily briefing comprised of tightly refined topics. This helps ECI be more productive in consistently delivering content of value to their members.

“Attensa is a very sophisticated tool that works great for curating highly relevant briefings on very specific topics.”

– David Childers, SVP, ECI

Using Attensa, ECI consistently engages its member base with current, timely information. With an initial growth rate in subscribers of over 300%, ECI members and stakeholders are clearly finding value in the relevant information ECI delivers in their Daily Brief email newsletter.

“Attensa has been my partner in progress. I came to Attensa with a big idea of what I wanted to accomplish, and we have worked together to start the journey down that road.”

– David Childers, SVP, ECI

In the future, as ECI continues to use more of the advanced capabilities of Attensa they’re looking to evolve from curated daily email briefings to connecting their best practice groups via expertly curated topic discussions that further inform and engage their membership.

More About the Ethics & Compliance Initiative

The Ethics & Compliance Initiative (ECI) is a best practice community of organizations that are committed to creating and sustaining high quality ethics & compliance programs. With a history dating back to 1922, ECI brings together ethics and compliance professionals and academics from all over the world to share techniques, research and, most of all, exciting new ideas.