Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an Attensa topic?

A. Attensa Topics are collections of content about a particular subject. Topics typically monitor many different sources for information related to a specific subject. When new information about a subject (from any of the sources) is available it is easy to identify in the topic. People can follow the topics that matter to them and can be alerted to new content in the topic in a variety of ways.

Q. Do I need Attensa if I have access to other information services and and alerting tools?

A. Yes, it is likely that you will benefit significantly from Attensa if you have other information services and alerting tools. Attensa provides a way to bring otherwise separate information services together and centrally manage them. Increasingly, the challenge is not getting access to the information itself but rather identifying what’s relevant and making sure that the right people are aware of it. Solving this problem creates enormous value both in terms of time savings as well as information utilization. The customers stories [link] provide additional perspective.

Q. What content sources can I use?

A. Attensa automatically aggregates and makes available a large set of news and professional information. This constantly expanding set of resources is included in the subscription fee. In addition, each Attensa sight can have its own unique sources added to it and available to create topics with. Attensa has a variety of standard adaptors that can be used to create new source feeds. In addition, custom sources can be efficiently created using the Attensa API

Q. What is a Briefing?

A. A briefing pulls together any new items about one or more topics and presents it as an update via email.  Each briefing can be sent on a schedule or on demand.  Briefings are very flexible and allow you to create updates that perfectly match the needs of the audience.

Q. How does Attensa determine which topics or briefings a person receives?

A. The content any person receives is based on their personal subscriptions.  Subscriptions can be set by an administrator or the recipient.  This allows people to subscribe to the content that personally matters to them.

Q. Do people have to be subscribed to a topic to see it?

A. No. Topics can be made available in browsable catalogs. People can select and view topics without being subscribed to them. Subscribing to a topic or briefing means that the subscriber will be alerted to new items based on their preferences.

Q. How do filters on topics work?

A. Topics allow filters to be used to refine the topics source feeds into the desired content. Filters can be single words or sets of terms joined by operators much like search operators. Items are also semantically tagged during the aggregation process and these tags can also be used to filter content. Filters are applied in real time and can be changed at any time. The audience for a topic always sees the results of the current filter.

Q. Can I select which items are included in topics?

A. Yes, this is often referred to as curation. Attensa provide tools that filter content automatically but often topic managers want to review and further refine the content that appears in topics. Attensa provides tools to do this very efficiently.

Q. What do the orange dots next to articles mean?

A. The number of orange dots represents the likely relevance of an item to an individual based on their previous reading activity. More highlighted dots indicates higher relevancy.