Attensa’s products connect people with relevant information and knowledge in the context of their work so
that they can make better decisions, innovate, and work more effectively with others.

The problem that we all face is that information is growing faster than our ability to manage, understand and use it. The challenge is not just the sheer volume of information, it is how we interact with content – and each other – across many different interfaces and devices.

These same factors – information abundance and the connected nature of our lives – set the stage for an entirely new era of productivity and innovation in all aspects of our lives. Imagine personally relevant information presented when and where it is needed along with the ability to seamlessly tap into knowledge and share insights.

Of course this isn’t easy, but that is where Attensa comes in. We are innovating a new generation of information and knowledge management tools built from the ground-up for an information abundant world. Our customers are global leaders that are leveraging information and knowledge to spark ideas, drive revenue and create business value.


Our story is evolving every day. So join us. Whether you’re a looking for a solution, a business partner, or are an experienced professional wanting to join a team solving big problems with fresh perspective, please, get in touch by using the contact form or email info@attensa.com.

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