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StreamServer is the information and knowledge management platform that connects people
with the information and knowledge they need to work smarter and more productively.

Information and knowledge are critical to personal and collective business success. Yet, in the era of information abundance, it is a struggle to take advantage of available information and knowledge. The problem is both:

  • The sheer volume and variety of information flowing from countless sources and between countless systems.
  • The increasing number and variety of devices on which information is consumed, particularly mobile devices.
This makes finding and focusing on high quality, personally relevant information hard and expensive. Attensa StreamServer solves this problem by organizing information flows by topic and then distributing personally relevant updates and alerts to the people who need them to enable connection and collaboration with their peers. StreamServer’s innovative analytics enable previously unavailable insight into both people and content in order to drive true competitive advantage.



Streamserver bridges individual information sources to refine content to the personal
needs of employees, customers, and/or partners.

Gather &Organize


Break down silos. Aggregate information from sources inside and outside your organization into one central location where it can be managed, organized and distributed. Information professionals and consumers can organize sources and collections for maximum value and impact.

Filter, Refine&Curate


Cut the noise and clutter, focus on what matters. From a central location filter, refine and curate information from disparate sources into topics or collections that match the needs of your business and/or audience.

Personalize& Deliver


Deliver the information that matters to people where and when they need it. Whether it is for an individual, group, or entire organization, you can automatically package and deliver information to the devices and interfaces users prefer including the web, email, smartphone, tablet, Sharepoint and more .

Connect &Collaborate


People work on projects and care about topics. Now they can work together on projects by sharing content, comments and perspectives all in the context of the topics they follow. Because these interactions are centralized by the StreamServer, knowledge and insights are available to anyone who needs them.



Understand what information is consumed and how people are interacting with it. Our innovative attention analytics capture interactions and turn them into insights that measure content use, engagement and unlock hidden knowledge latent throughout your organization.


Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time is hard.
Streamserver makes it easy and cost-effective

People and information are the lifeblood of every organization. People are the front-line teams who service customers; the researchers and subject matter experts who drive innovation, and the managers who make the decisions that move the organization forward. Empowering them with the right information, at the right time, in the way they want to receive it has immediate impact and creates competitive advantage.

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Immediate ROI

Today, any new information system must deliver a tangible and rapid return on investment. Attensa StreamServer provides a proven solution that delivers the right information, to the right people, at the right time to create an immediate ROI by providing:

  • Increased productivity from proactive information delivery that reduces time-consuming manual search.

  • Cost savings and improved content utilization by leveraging all available sources of information.

  • Reduced time required to curate, produce and deliver information products to knowledge workers.

  • Enhanced value and lifespan of existing systems by connecting people and content for maximum business impact.

  • Increased transparency and access to knowledge and expertise across the organization.

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A Platform for Today and Tomorrow

New tools are needed to take advantage of the potential of today's information abundant and connected world. Attensa StreamServer is an open and extensible platform that provides a single set of easy to use tools that enables your organization to:

  • Capture and maximize the impact of the information that matters to your organization.

  • Deliver relevant updates and alerts to the people and teams that need them to drive decisions and innovation.

  • Unlock the value of the existing information in your organization and tap the ever- growing universe of content.

  • Uncover and connect knowledge and expertise inside and outside of the enterprise.

  • Deliver awareness via dashboards, alerts, newsletters, or portals all from one open platform.


"During my year of leading the SLA I promoted the importance of librarians being
  future ready — StreamServer makes you future ready fast."

— Cindy Romaine, Romainiaces, 2011 SLA President

"By building on top of the StreamServer we were able to create substantial
  capabilities for myICANN much quicker than would have been otherwise   possible."

— Elise McIntosh, Second Rise

"We did not want another destination site. We needed a solution that facilitates
  connections between our existing systems and enables human serendipity."

— Customer (Pharma Industry)

"The Attensa product is the only one of its kind that can consume both public and
  premium news feeds and distribute them to our Attorneys via email, web and
  mobile. Their innovational ability and how they listen to their customers is

— Customer (Law Firm)



StreamServer enables a broad array of information and knowledge management capabilities
all from a single, open platform

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Gather & Organize

Bring content from inside and outside the organization into one central place so it can be managed effectively.

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Filter, Refine & Curate

Create relevant, high-quality information streams about the topics that matter using automated tools and workflows.

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Awareness & Alerts

Match topics to people and groups and automate the delivery of information that they care about.

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Package & Deliver

Package and deliver info across the devices and interfaces – web, email, smartphone, tablet, SharePoint and more.

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Mobilize & Empower

Empower your users with the same tools to share and collaborate on the road that they have in the office.

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Engage, Share & Collaborate

Now your people can work with information the way the same way they work with each other by sharing ideas and insights.

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Analytics & Transparency

attention analytics turn interactions into insight to understand use, engagement and unlock knowledge throughout organizations.

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Powerful Federated Search

Search and create alerts that seamlessly
span internal, public and subscription content sources.

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Access Content & Resources

Create digital libraries to
store information resources that are fast to find and simple to use.

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Secure & Compliant

Easy to use access controls make sure all information is secure and content management is compliant.

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Top Down or Bottom Up

Create and distribute updates or enable simple opt-in subscriptions and alerts from consolidated resources.

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Your Information, Your Way

StreamServer can deliver information in your existing formats so there is no learning curve for your people.

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Enterprise Ready & Secure

Access controls make sure information is secure and content management is compliant regardless of its source.

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Open & Easy to Build On

StreamServer is an open and extensible platform built on a single set of tools to capture, filter and curate information.

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Your Network or Ours

StreamServer can be hosted in a private cloud or installed on your own network, choose what’s right for your organization


Attensa’s products connect people with relevant information and knowledge in the context of their work so
that they can make better decisions, innovate, and work more effectively with others.

The problem that we all face is that information is growing faster than our ability to manage, understand and use it. The challenge is not just the sheer volume of information, it is how we interact with content – and each other – across many different interfaces and devices.

These same factors – information abundance and the connected nature of our lives – set the stage for an entirely new era of productivity and innovation in all aspects of our lives. Imagine personally relevant information presented when and where it is needed along with the ability to seamlessly tap into knowledge and share insights.

Of course this isn’t easy, but that is where Attensa comes in. We are innovating a new generation of information and knowledge management tools built from the ground-up for an information abundant world. Our customers are global leaders that are leveraging information and knowledge to spark ideas, drive revenue and create business value.


Our story is evolving every day. So join us. Whether you’re a looking for a solution, a business partner, or are an experienced professional wanting to join a team solving big problems with fresh perspective, please, get in touch by using the contact form or email info@attensa.com.

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